No Programming Required!

Website Builder is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to edit and host the content within your website without the need to enter programming code. You can easily add text, headers, images, slideshows, galleries, buttons, dividers, forms, maps, social media icons, videos, audios, blogs, and menus.

If you know HTML code, you can enhance your text or embed external code like custom forms and calendars.

Website Builder creates responsive designs to detect the type of viewing device and automatically shifts the content to display correctly for the screen size.

Design Easy With Templates

Using website templates accelerates the web design process by allowing you to start with a layout you like. Then you can change the colors, fonts and photos to create the look you want.

    • Each template has a color scheme, stock images and widgets.
    • Widgets are used for header, footer and home feature image.
    • You can also change the content by clicking the widget.
    • Select a template that has widgets where you want.
    • You can select to hide the widgets that you don't want to use.
    • Change your template and your content will automatically format to the new template!