I have a 15-minute activity for students. The objective is to create their own web page based on a character they like from a movie.

Students are able to complete the following steps:

  1. Select a template of their choice.
  2. Enter their name for the website title.
  3. Select a feature banner image.
  4. Edit the header for the character or actor name.
  5. Enter 1 or 2 sentences why they chose their character.
  6. Change some of the text format - bold, italic, color or highlight.
  7. Add another character image.
  8. Publish their website for everyone to see!

Individual or Group

This hands-on workshop is for a single person or a group. Depending on the participant's age, the above activity can be extended to cover more website fundamentals. I also offer a 5-Part Workshop Series that can be taken in 1 day or over the span of 5 weeks.